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Over the last 10 years, around the world there has been a sharp increase in people’s consciousness of all things health related. Thanks to the Internet and new forms of media, there is an unlimited volume of health-related information available, and at the same time our client’s expectations have also increased. Given all this information at our disposal, we should be looking to offer “the ultimate training and coaching guidance for each client”. In other words, we should evaluate each client’s current condition, and then offer a customized training program to match their needs.
In 2011, R-body project launched R●ACADEMY, a practical educational institute, to bridge the gap between fitness education and fitness centers. The academy aims to provide trainers with useful and practical skills that can produce immediate results. Participants can study courses such as The Theory of Functional Training, and learn skills such as Effective Communication with Clients or Movement Assessment Techniques. Over 700 people have taken courses since the academy opened, and it is now becoming accepted practice in the fitness industry to use physical assessments and evaluations as the base for effective conditioning training program creation.


R-Conditioning Coach

Our RACADEMY produces top-class R-Conditioning Coaches.

Our RACADEMY is an R-Conditioning Coach development center.
At R-body project, since opening in 2005 we have held over 250,000 personal training sessions for over 5,000 members, including over 150 top professional athletes. This has allowed us to accumulate vast amounts of data and a wealth of practical experience. Following years of extensive research that drew on this data and knowledge, in February of 2017 we finally produced our own original training method, entitled “Training Principles for Real Results”. Trainers who have studied this method, and are thus “able to use conditioning training to solve physical problems based on functional movement assessments” are defined as R-Conditioning Coaches.

Illustration of R-Conditioning Coach Service Flow

  • S・O・A・P®


     Perform a functional movement screening assessment based on the theory of functional training.
     The assessment uses counseling, posture check, and FMS/SFMA (*1) as part of a movement screening evaluation, and then uses these results to perform a functional movement analysis to determine the cause of any physical faults found. The aim of a S・O・A・P® evaluation is to determine the client’s current physical condition, and then explain any problems in a clear and easy to understand way. *1 FMS/SFMA are registered trademarks of Functional Movement Systems, Inc., a USA based company.

  • Conditioning Program Design

    Conditioning Program Design

     Use the results of the S・O・A・P® evaluation to create a conditioning program based on the latest practices in sports medical science.
     If we think of creating a training program as being like creating a meal, then our “ingredients” are “training knowledge and qualifications”, and the “cooking” is the “program design”. The cooking part determines how great the meal tastes, or in our case, how effective the training program is. In other words, knowledge alone is not enough, we need to use it effectively to produce real results for our clients.

  • Personal Conditioning 指導

    R-Conditioning (Training)

     Develop an eye for checking functional movement in order to offer appropriate conditioning sessions that are tailored to each client’s needs.
     Furthermore, learn “Effective Communication Strategies for Trainers” based on our Reach Program. This will allow you to impart your knowledge to clients, ensuring the results of the S・O・A・P® evaluation can be used to produce effective and real results.

R-Perfomance Coach



If you have an internet connection, by taking our NASM-PES Online Certification Course, you can study a full curriculum of international standard content through to the certification exam itself.

Course Overview

Course Name NASM-PES Online Certification Course
Applicable for: Personal trainers, athletic trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, physical therapists, acupuncturists, judo therapists, etc.
Contents · Access to Japanese lecture video series (16 parts; 17 hours of video content)
· Japanese textbook for lectures
· Short practice tests for exam (16 parts in total)
· English textbook (647 pages)
· Access to NASM Official Site (Exercise Library, etc)
· Right to take the Japanese version of the certification exam
Regular Tuition Fee ¥129,600 (including tax
*price includes all the contents listed above
Special Tuition Rate for Students
(Discounted rate for college students)
¥90,720 (including tax)
* Limited to students in their final year (about to graduate) at either vocational colleges or universities.
Also applies to students who have graduated from colleges that are affilitiated to this certification.
※ Various documents are required to qualify for the discount. Please click below for details.
⇒【 [Student Discount Guide
Examination Eligibility Requirements 1) People who graduated with a 4-year university degree (regardless of faculty), or from a Japanese sports trainer / medical vocational college.
Prospective graduates (expected to graduate in March of 2017) are also eligible.
2) People who hold relevant qualifications (NSCA, ACS, NESTA, ACSM, AFAA, etc) from accredited USA bodies such as NCCA, NBFE and DETC.
※ Only people who fall under ① and/or ② above will be eligible for certification.
Curriculum Details Chapter 1: Overview of Integrated Training
Chapter 2: Introduction to Human Movement Science
Chapter 3: Sports Performance Testing
Chapter 4: Flexibility Training for Performance Enhancement
Chapter 5: Cardiorespiratory Training for Performance Enhancement
Chapter 6: Core Training Concepts for Performance Enhancement
Chapter 7: Balance Training Concepts for Performance Enhancement
Chapter 8: Plyometric Training Concepts for Performance Enhancement
Chapter 9: Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) Training for Performance Enhancement
Chapter 10: Integrated Resistance Training for Performance Enhancement
Chapter 11: Olympic Lifting for Performance Enhancement
Chapter 12: The Science of Periodization and The Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model
Chapter 13: Current Concepts in Injury Prevention
Chapter 14: Performance Nutrition
Chapter 15: Ergogenic Aids
Chapter 16: Performance Psychology: Integrating Physical and Mental Training

Flow from Application to Certification

1) Create a Google account
▼ Click here to be taken to the official site
*Necessary to access lecture videos on our site. (People who already have a Google account do not need to create a new one)

2) Register using our application form
▼ Application form

3) Payment of tuition fee
Please transfer the fee into our designated account within 7 days of sending your application email.
* We will reply with an application confirmation email, stating the bank account information.

4) Start studying online
You will be granted access to the Online Study Site as soon as we confirm payment of the tuition fee.
Various study materials will be available to download.
*You will be granted access to the Online Study Site for 1 year.

5) Receive English textbook
We will post your English textbook after confirming payment (please allow 1 – 2 weeks).

6) Receive email from NASM about accessing their Online Examination Site
Within 20 days of payment confirmation, you will receive an email from NASM about accessing their Online Examination Site.
※ The online examination deadline is one year from date of receipt
※ You can take the examination up to 3 times.

7) Take the online examination
You will be given a pass or fail mark instantly.

8) Receipt of certificate
Your certificate will be posted within about 2 months of passing the examination by NASM in the USA.
After passing the online test, a simplified version of the certificate will be available for download from the Internet.
*Students will be sent their certificate after they provide (by post) a copy of their graduation certificate from the relevant college.

Recommended system requirements

· Recommended screen size: 1280 × 1024 pixels or more
· Recommended connection speed: 1 Mbps or more
· Adobe Flash Player (Version 10.0.0 or later)

[Operating system]
· Windows 7 or later
· Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
· Ubuntu 10 or later
· Linux OS 11 or later (64 bit)

Download the Brochure

NASM-PES Online Certification Course
A brochure is available for download.


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Educational Loans

The NASM-PES Online Certification Course is affiliated with financial institutions.
Educational loans from affiliated financial institutions can be used to make payments in installments for the tuition fee.
Please contact the Academy Department if you would like to apply for a loan and pay in installments.
· Academy Department(academy@r-body.com
· The affiliated financial institutions will conduct a background check before issuing the loan.
· Payment may be split into 3 – 36 installments.

Seminar Information

Currently no seminars are scheduled.
Information will be posted as soon as dates are fixed.

Q&A Frequently Asked Questions

About the NASM-PES Certification

Q1. What kind of people apply?
Personal Trainers, Athletic Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Judo Therapists, Students studying to be a trainer, Instructors of trainers at educational institutions, etc.
It is also a feature of this certification that many applicants are also qualified medical personnel.
Q2. How widely recognized is this certification?
Both in Japan and overseas, it has become recognized as a certification obtained by many high-ranking trainers, and as such more and more companies are making the NASM-PES certification a requirement for certain positions.

Examination Details

Q1. Is there a time limit for taking the exam?
You have one year from the date of getting your first email from NASM (America) to take the online certification exam.
Q2. How many times can I take the exam?
You can take it up to 3 times during the year. There are 100 questions and you need to answer at least 70 questions correctly to pass the exam.
Q3. Is it possible to take the exam after the eligibility period has expired?
It is not possible to take the exam after eligibility period has expired. Please take the exam within the 1-year period.
Q4. After obtaining the certification, will it expire after X number of years?
No, the certification will not expire.
Once you get the certificate, you do not need to take brush up courses or other renewal procedures.
Q5. What kind of exam preparation material is available?
1) You can view online lecture videos as many times as you like for one year after signing up for the course.
※ English version of NASM-PES
There are currently no lecture videos for the online course in English, only Japanese version are available.

2) You can check your understanding of each chapter by taking the short tests.
Q6. Is the textbook in Japanese?
The slides used for the online lectures are all in Japanese. These slides can also be downloaded.
The main English textbook is issued by NASM in America, and contains 647 pages of content.
Q7. What is the pass rate?
The pass rate is _______. However, you can improve your chances by taking the short tests for each chapter on the Japanese version of the site and by viewing the online lecture videos repeatedly to boost your understanding.
Both trainers and regular people have managed to pass the examination after using the support mechanisms listed above.

Fees & Expenses

Q1. Is the exam fee included in the tuition fee?
Yes, the tuition fee includes the examination fee. There are no charges other than the tuition fee.
Q2. Do I need to pay an annual renewal fee, etc, for maintaining my certification?
No, it is not necessary to pay an annual renewal fee or other expenses for maintaining your certification.
Q3. Can I pay the tuition fee in installments?
Yes, it is possible to pay in installments.
However, you will need to be approved by an affiliated financial institution.
For details, please refer to the section [Educational Loans].
Q4. What’s the cancellation policy?
In principle, it is not possible to cancel or get a refund once you have paid the tuition fee.

E‐Learning Center

A series of online lectures are now available, featuring content that has been created from the huge volume of training data and experience that R-body project has built up since opening in 2004.
The content is available for free, and can be viewed by anyone multiple times.
Click here for WEB site=>https://www.nasm.org/

Online Lectures 8 Lectures / About 170 Exercise Related Videos Watch Free!!

There are about 300 slides featured in the video lectures, and about 170 exercise video manuals, all of which are in the RACADEMY Text. We hope you will enjoy studying online and make full use of the resources available.

1 Introduction An overview of the current situation of the training industry and what is expected of trainers these days.
2 R-Conditioning Coach Service Flow An in depth look at the kind of services an R-Conditioning Coach will be able to offer.
3 Structural Anatomy Learn about the structure of the muscles and skeleton, which in turn will allow you to understand how people move.
4 The Theory of Functional Training 1.0 Learn the 5 principles of functional training, which will aid understanding of the principles of physical movement.
5 Reach Program “Effective Communication Strategies for Trainers”.
6 S・O・A・P® Overview Learn the theory behind S・O・A・P® functional movement assessments, and how to make use of the results.
7 Posture Assessment Learn how bad posture can result in injury or other physical dysfunction.
8 Conditioning Program Design Learn how to use S・O・A・P® assessments to create tailor-made, R-body-style conditioning programs.
9 R-body Exercises (about 170 exercises) Learn the top 170 exercises that an R-Conditioning Coach needs to use with clients.

1. Introduction

2. R-Conditioning Coach Service Flow

3. Structural Anatomy

4. The Theory of Functional Training 1.0

5. S・O・A・P® Overview

6. Posture Assessment

7. Conditioning Program Design

8. Reach Program

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