R-BODY CONDITIONING ACADEMYConditioning for Everyone

Train not only your body,
but also your mind.

R-body Conditioning Academy is not simply a place to exercise (a gym); it is also a place to learn about exercise (an educational institution). Working with certified conditioning specialists who have knowledge of sports medicine and science, you can find out the real cause of any physical issues and learn how to solve them through customized conditioning and exercise programs.

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R-TRIAL (trial session)

R-TRIAL (trial session)

All of our services begin with a consultation with one of our conditioning coaches, who have a background in sports medicine / science, in order to ascertain your current physical condition. Whether you have some injury or physical pain, or simply wish to enhance your performance, we will deliver the best program to fit your “current condition”.

Learn more about R-TRIAL (trial sessions)

Steps for R-TRIAL (trial session)

  1. 1. Please call your preferred location to book a trial session
  2. 2. Visit the conditioning center for facility tour and R-TRIAL session
  3. 3. Membership

*If you would like to take a trial session, please contact your preferred location.
*Trial sessions are also available to those who are injured or in pain.
*Please let us know if there is anything in particular you wish to focus on.

Service Details

  • 1

    Conditioning Consultation

    Conditioning Consultation
    50 mins
    We offer two types of conditioning consultations, allowing us to meet your specific needs and goals. Our “maintenance” consultation is for those with injury or in pain, while our “physical” consultation is for those without pain. The session is a one-on-one consultation with a conditioning specialist to assess your current physical condition and determine the best methods for solving any physical problems you may have. Furthermore, we will introduce the most suitable conditioning coaches to assist your with your training and provide you with the knowledge you need to help you solve your physical problems on your own, including step-by-step goal setting, and the best way to use our facilities.
  • 2


    50 mins
    : Customized 1-on-1 conditioning sessions with a conditioning coach, using a customized conditioning program based on your Conditioning Consultation. We will make detailed adjustments to your physical movements, helping you to improve your functional performance. At the same time, we will make you aware of your physical habits and help you learn how to make incremental improvements by yourself.
  • 3

    Self Conditioning

    Self Conditioning
    By performing self-conditioning*, you can deepen your understanding of your own body, and therefore enhance the effectiveness of your training. At R-body, we also place a Grand Conditioning Coach on the conditioning floor to monitor and support your self-conditioning sessions. We aim to create an environment where everyone can feel supported in their training, even when working out by themselves.

    *Self-conditioning sessions are not full 1-on-1 personal training sessions, but instead allow you to visit the facility at a time convenient for you, and perform your own conditioning in an environment where you can receive support and advice where necessary.

  • 4

    Home Conditioning

    Home Conditioning
    A conditioning program that can be carried out at home or on a business trip. We use a cloud computing system that allows you to access photos and videos from your own conditioning program anytime, anywhere. You can record your training history and physical condition, and also use the memo function to access training tips from your coach for exercise programs you have performed previously.

Other Services

  • R-Maintenance

    20 mins or more
    If you have physical pain, you can take treatment from our certified therapists. R-Maintenance sessions are not done just to relieve pain, but also aim to find the underlying cause to prevent a recurrence. Our therapists share information with your conditioning coaches allowing us to prepare the most effective conditioning for you.
  • Referral to Affiliated Medical Institutions

    If you need medical treatment, we can refer you to one of our affiliated medical institutions. This allows us to share your physical information with medical institutions (and vice versa), meaning that you can receive the optimal and safest treatment whilst in hospital, and also the best conditioning service with us afterwards.

Conditioning Coach

R-body Conditioning Coach
R-body Conditioning Coach

Facility Information

  • Otemachi BranchOtemachi

    Otemachi Branch

    B1F Otemon Tower, 1−1−2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004 Japan






    Weekdays: 6:45am-10:30pm / Sat: 09:45am-7:00pm


    Sundays / New Year Holiday Period


    Directly connected to Otemachi Subway Station via Exit C6a, or 3-min walk from Exit C10

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for my son who is in elementary school to become a member?

Yes, it is possible.
In that case, we would create a conditioning program that is suitable for his age and physical characteristics.

Can I use the facilities to work out on my own (or do I have to take a personal training session each time)?

Yes, please feel free to use the equipment and facilities to work out on your own. We encourage our members to use the facilities for self training.

What measures are in place regarding the corona pandemic?

Various preventative measures have been put in place, such as hand sanitizers, frequent cleaning of equipment, and social distancing guidelines.
*measures are subject to change depending on the future situation and latest medical recommendations from the government.

Do you offer injury rehabilitation services?

Yes, we do.
First, we will find out about your symptoms in detail, and then we will create a customized conditioning and rehabilitation program for you in cooperation with medical facilities.

Are members allowed to use both facilities?

Yes, they are.
Regular members can use both our Ebisu facility and Otemachi facility.

What kind of members do you have?

We have a wide range of members of all ages. Some people wish to improve their overall health, others wish to control pain or prevent injuries, whilst other wish to improve their sports performance (including both amateur and professional athletes).
The male to female ratio is roughly 50:50.
Our members range from 10 to 85 years old and we have a relatively large number of clients in the 40-60 age range.

How often do you recommend that members use the services?

Depending on the situation, we usually recommend taking R-Conditioning once a week, Self Conditioning once a week, and Home Conditioning daily for the most effective results.
*This may vary depending on your goals and current condition.

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What are the cancellation charges for personal training sessions?

The cancellation fee will be 100% if cancelled on the same day as the personal training session.
There will be no charge if you cancel anytime before the close of business on the day before your session.

What should I bring with me for my training sessions?

We offer free rental for t-shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, and towels. Drinks are also available free of charge.
Of course, you may bring your own clothes and sneakers if you prefer.

Do you have a membership freeze system?

Yes, it is possible.
During the freeze period, you will be charged a reduced rate of 3,000 yen (plus tax) / month.

Is it possible to have a quick tour of the facilities?

Yes, you may take a tour of the facilities.
Please contact the facility you wish to visit by phone:
Ebisu branch: 03-5447-1122
Otemachi branch: 03-6273-4337

What is the membership procedure?

Please take an R-TRIAL (trial session) first, and then complete the membership process.
R-TRIAL (trial session) details here

Please bring the following to complete your membership:
– Membership Registration Form (given at your R-TRIAL session)
– Bank Transfer Request Form (given at your R-TRIAL session)
– Photo ID (driving license, passport, etc)
– Credit card