Collaboration with Teams & Companies

Collaboration with Teams & Companies

People need to exercise not only at fitness clubs and rehabilitation centers, but also at hospitals, hotels, companies, and government offices. Exercise is an essential component of ensuring that everyone can lead a healthy lifestyle and enhance their life performance (quality of life).
We work in tandem with clients to find solutions to existing problems and propose what we can do to offer better services.

Flow from inquiry to service provision

  • step1
  • step2
    MeetingDiscuss about the purpose and any problems you need to resolve
  • step3
    Service ProposalWe will create a proposal outlining how we can help you
  • step4
    ContractCommencement of service provision

CASESCase studies of conditioning collaboration services

  • Hospitals

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    People go to the hospital to cure an illness or treat an injury. After that, they often need to do exercise for rehabilitation in order to lead an active, normal life. We can provide support to hospitals and medical institutions, with the aim of introducing conditioning exercise as a form of preventive medicine that will also enrich patients' life performance (quality of life).
  • Clinics

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    For clinics wishing to provide not just treatment for pain, but also conditioning / exercise instruction that treats the underlying cause of pain, we can provide the support you need to provide hybrid treatment solutions for your patients.
  • Educational Institutions

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    At R-body , we have developed our own in-house academy course for coaches and trainers, which can be adjusted to suit the needs of educational institutions. Our educational services focus on practical learning, ensuring that your staff can develop the skills they need for the real-life workplace.
  • Hotels

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    We provide support for new types of services and markets, such as health tourism and health resorts.
  • Fitness Clubs / Sports Gyms

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    Exercise is an important part of enhancing one's life performance (quality of life). However, in order to train effectively, it is first necessary to understand your current physical condition and prepare it for training. R-body can provide consulting and educational services to support your coaches and trainers, allowing them to provide expert counseling and guidance to clients.
  • Government / Local Municipalities

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    We can provide support to government and local municipalities that are undertaking various efforts to improve their citizens' health and life performance (quality of life).
  • Companies

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    We can provide support in two key areas. One way is through supporting the health of employees, with the aim being to help them improve their work performance. The other way we can potentially help business in related fields to us, is by collaborating to create value together for new services on the global health market.