Otemachi Branch

Otemachi Branch History

Our Otemachi facility opened on January 13, 2016, in Otemachi, a central business district of Tokyo, and attracts members from both the local offices as well as people traveling in from surrounding areas. In addition to onsite conditioning services, we also provide off-site training for people working at nearby companies.

Membership Process

1) Telephone Reservation
Please call the number below to make an appointment

2) R-TRIAL (trial session)
Please see here for details of the R=TRIAL session.

3) Sign up for membership

Facility Overview

Otemachi Branch
  • 1) Conditioning Area
    1) Conditioning Area
  • 2) Reception Desk
    2) Reception Desk
  • 3) Lobby
    3) Lobby
  • 4) Maintenance Area
    4) Maintenance Area
  • 5) Lockers / Showers
    5) Lockers / Showers

Price List (prices exclude tax)

Service Length Members Visitors
Regular Daytime
Membership Sign-up Fee (one time fee) 30,000 yen
Monthly Fee 30,000 yen 15,000 yen
Conditioning Consultation (Physical)
*for people without pain / injury
50 mins 3,500 yen〜 12,000 yen〜
R-Conditioning 50 mins 3,500 yen〜 12,000 yen〜
Conditioning Consultation (Maintenance)
*for people with pain / injury
50 mins 10,000 yen〜 11,000 yen〜
R-Maintenance 20 mins 3,500 yen〜 4,500 yen〜
50 mins 7,000 yen〜 8,000 yen〜
Rental Wear
(t-shirt / shorts / socks / shoes / towel)
Free of Charge

*Please note that the charges for Conditioning Consultations, R-Conditioning Sessions, and R-Maintenance Sessions may vary depending on the coach in charge. Please ask staff for more details about the pricing for each coach.
※デイタイムとは、平日(月曜から金曜)午前10:00 – 午後4:00までご利用いただける会員種別となります。

Guide to Using the Facility

  • 1

    Reception Desk

    Reception Desk

    Upon arrival, please check in at the reception desk each time.
    *Please note that payment for each session must be made in advance by credit card.

  • 2

    Changing Room

    Changing Room

    Training wear, including socks and shoes, as well as towels are provided free of charge. Drinks are also provided free of charge.

  • 3

    Conditioning Session

    Conditioning Session

    You may take a 1-on-1 R-Conditioning Session with a coach, or do a Self-Conditioning Session by yourself. If doing Self-Conditioning, there are coaches on the conditioning floor to offer support and advice.

  • 4

    After Your Conditioning Session

    After Your Conditioning Session

    Showers are available for use after your session. Amenities such as shampoo, face lotion, makeup remover, etc, are also provided.

Facility Information / Access


B1F Otemon Tower, 1−1−2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004 Japan






Weekdays: 6:45am-10:30pm / Sat: 09:45am-7:00pm


Sundays / New Year Holiday Period


Directly connected to Otemachi Subway Station via Exit C6a, or 3-min walk from Exit C10

Access from Airport

  • Access to Otemachi Branch from Haneda Airport
  • Access to Otemachi Branch from Narita Airport
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